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The trade sector has become a hard number in the economic development as it is the channel that is capable of transferring the fruits of development to the rest of the community. The sector has faced a large number of changes and fast swings that raised the need for calibers to face the challenges facing the sectors nowadays.

The Arab Institute for Trade and Commodities Exchange (AITC) is a specialized institute in the field of domestic and international trade. The institute is one of the special units of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT).

The institute was the culmination of cooperation between the AASTMT, Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry. The corporation was crowned by the presidency of the Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry to the AITC board of trustees. AITC is also proud of its board which comprises senior government officials, business people and a group of elite academic professors.

AITC prime orientation is to be the main scientific and professional referral for the trade sector, through providing a broad spectrum of activities including training, research and consultation services with the objective of serving the trade sector in Egypt and the Arab World through providing the sector with qualified calibers that can support the current dynamic economic environment.

In addition, AITC works as a point of international interaction and networking between the Arab World trade sector and the trade profession in the rest of the world through its wide range of relationships with international academic and professional bodies.