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Master in International Trade

Degree Requirements

The MBA degree consists of 48 credit hours; the student should earn the credits pertaining to theses courses within four semesters, and then pass the comprehensive exam by the end of the fourth semester.

First Semester - (12 Credit Hours)
  1. Contemporary Management
  2. Accounting & Financial Reporting
  3. Managerial Economics
  4. Applied Statistics
Second Semester - (12 Credit Hours)
  1. Organization Behavior & Development
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Managerial Finance
  4. Operations Management
Third & Fourth Semesters - (24 Credit Hours):

Every student should choose 8 courses from amongst the available Specialization Tracks to be covered in the Third & Fourth Semesters "Four Courses per Semester". Upon earning the credits of these Courses, the student should pass the Comprehensive Exam at the end of the fourth semester provided that his / her achieved cumulative GPA is at least 3.0.

Specialization Track - International Trade

Major Subjects
  1. International Finance
  2. International Trade
  3. Exports and imports process and logistics
  4. Exports and Marketing Research
  5. International Business Law
  6. Global Supply Chain
  7. International Marketing
  8. International Business