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Programs - Human Resource Management

Business leadership today revolves around your most valuable asset: your human resources. Proper understanding and strategic management and development of this human capital is the foundation upon which all other strategic plans and activities required for the successful, effective and efficient development of your business are built.

  • Development / re-orientation of HRM policies, systems and procedures.
  • Manpower planning.
  • Implementation of 360-degree appraisal system.
  • Identification of training & development needs, audit of training efforts and development of training plans, policies and reorienting strategies.
  • Organizational restructuring and organizational climate surveys.
  • Evaluation / impact assessment studies.
  • Designing HRD/OD Interventions for improving organizational effectiveness.
  • Action learning.
  • Development / Improvement of performance appraisal system, suggestion schemes.
  • grievance management.
  • Compensation surveys.
  • Designing and conducting employee selection tests.
  • HR audit services .