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important dates

2nd Semester 2014 - 2015 Registration and Tuition Fees Payment , 1/2/2015

The Deanery of Admission and Registration of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) announces for the beginning of AASTMT Second Semester (2014 - 2015) Registration and Tuition Fees Payment on Sunday 1- 2- 2015 , as the study will be started on Saturday 7- 2- 2015.

Early Admission, 6/3/2015

Early admission starts on 6/3/2015 and this system gives the student the possibility of applying for the academy before the announcement of the final results of the secondary stage and pay part of the expenses (first two years results for IGCSE- SAT1 for American Diploma). This phase ends on 16/07/2015

Regular Admission, 18/7/2015

Regular admission starts on 18/07/2015 according to the remaining places.

Change of Mind, till 20/8/2015

Students are allowed to refund the tuition fees($1000) paid during the admission period till 20/8/2015 and discounted 50% of its value after this date till the third week of the academic year after that refund is not accepted (either deposit or full fees).

First Semester Final Results, 24/1/2015

The announcement of first semester final results will be on 24/1/2015 .