CNC Workshop

- CNC is an industrial and production workshop, its role is drawing the design of a software such as AutoCAD, CorelDraw and Art Cam, then send it to the machines to implement it, cutting most of metal materials and implement drilling processes in wood and other materials.

Workshop Facilities

  1. Plasma Cutting
  2. - The function of Plasma cutting machine (60 Ampere) is cutting metal material such as steel and stainless steel up to 20 mm thickness, and workpeice up to dimension 240 cm *125 cm.

  3. CNC Router
  4. - CNC Router machine is specialized in engraving and milling many materials such as wood, acrylic, artelon, and ABS. The process performed for the mentioned materials are used for the manufacturing of banners and signs, gifts, and wood formations. With dimension up to 250 cm *130 cm and 10 cm height with accuracy 0.001 mm.

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