Automotive engineering Workshop


Automotive engineering Lab trains the trainees on function, components, maintenance, clearance measure, used devices and troubleshooting for automotive systems.

Lab Facilities

  1. Troubleshooting device for modern automotive.
  2. Injector cleaner device.
  3. Troubleshooting device for old automotive.
  4. Engine pressure measuring device.
  5. Four posts left.
  6. Air compressor used in cleaning and lifting four posts left.
  7. Battery charger.
  8. Air condition cycle charger.
  9. Daewoo Lanos car working with electronic injection system.
  10. Bolognese car working with Natural Gas and gasoline (duel fuel engine).
  11. 4 cylinder gasoline engine Fiat 124.
  12. 4 cylinder gasoline engine Daewoo lanos.
  13. 1 cylinder gasoline engine Honda with generator.
  14. Diesel engine 1 cylinder with generator and loading panel.
  15. Hydraulic press for bearing fixation.
  16. Natural Gas system for duel fuel engine.
  17. Electronic simulation Kit used for injection and combustion.
  18. Simulation Kit used for breaking system.

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