Electronics Laboratory

The Electronics Circuits’ Lab is considered the latest electronics lab all over the AASTMT. The lab contains the advanced versions of the electronic equipment, instruments and measuring devices. This equipment helps the modernization of the education cycle process

- Electronics Lab can be divided in to two sections:

  1. Basics of electronics section
  2. - This section contains all the information, equipment, components and boards used in both analog and digital electronics. This section familiarizes the trainees with the basics of electronics theories and laws, which enables them to build electronic circuits.

    - The lab is equipped with the basic instruments such as digital function generators, digital multi-meters, digital oscilloscopes and digital power supplies. Electronics component as resistors, capacitors, diodes, inductors, transistors, IC’S…….etc. Electronics circuits evaluation kits are used at the beginner level, 300in1 electronics kits and solder-less breadboards are used at the intermediate level and the PCB techniques are used at the advanced level.

  3. Faults finding and maintenance section
  4. - It contains dedicated motherboards, special purpose power supplies and circuit applications boards including most of the electronic boards used in different electronic devices. In this section the trainees learn the theory of operation of these application kits and the principles of maintenance.

- The LAB contains 8 stations for the basics of electronics section and 6 stations for the maintenance sections. Each station is prepared with the basic equipment and ready to accept from 3 to 4 students.

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