Marine Engineering Workshop


Marine engineering lab trains the students about components, function, maintenance, clearance measuring and troubleshooting for auxiliary''s machinery on vessel board such as: pumps, air compressor, heat exchanger, purifier, thrust block, steering gear, valves and refrigeration units.

Pumps types

Centrifugal, gear, reciprocating, and screw

Air compressor types

Reciprocating (Air & Water cooler), screw, and centrifugal

Heat exchanger types

Shell and tube and plate


Purifier, steeling tank, and filters

Thrust block

Pads, collar, oil distributor, cooling system, sealing materials

Steering gear

Hydraulic steering gear, electric steering gear, electrohydraulic steering gear, helcho pump, swash plate pump and spool valve.

Valves types

Globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, Non-return valve, check valve, pressure reducer valve, and cocks.

Refrigeration units

Compressors, condenser, drier, expansion valve, solenoid valve, evaporator, and refrigerant, charging methods.

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