Reverse Engineering Laboratory

- The Reverse Engineering Lab is one of the most supportive facilities among the Industry Service Centre activities. The Lab represents a good support for the industry concerning Reverse Engineering field.

Lab facilities:

  1. Measuring Projector PJ-2500
  2. - MP is an instrument for efficient use with high ease in operation for laboratories, measuring departments, and workshops for measuring and checking predominantly small components such as valve grids, cathodes, insulating plates, circuit boards, screw threads, semiconductor elements, sheet metal blanks, gauges, templates, form cutters, and gears.

Toolmaker’s Microscope (TM- 500 series)

- The Mitutoyo Toolmaker’s Microscope TM-500 series is easy-to-use, compact-size Toolmaker’s Microscopes that features a vertical supporting column. Designed for measurement of work piece contours and inspection of surface features in mind, the TMM supports a wide range of applications from shop-floor inspection, measurement of tools and mechanical parts, to precision measurement of test tools in measuring laboratories.

- The TMM is provided with the following main specifications

Talyrond 131

- Talyrond 131 is a rotating work table type instrument for general purposes, workshops, standards room and laboratory use. It is particularly suited for roundness, squareness checks and for most of the geometrical features.

- It includes a motorized column for straightness measurements over a length of 300mm (or 12 in) or it can be supplied with a plain column.Magnifications range from X50 to X10 000, and the ease with which the pick-up can be positioned for various types of measurement, make it a very versatile.

- Talyrond 131 is also provided with an easy software package (Ultra v5.2.7.22) for easy interface and further analysis.

Form Talysurf 50

- FT 50 is equipment for simultaneous measurement of contour, form and surface texture.It is suitable for a comprehensive range of high performance measuring systems and offers an exceptional productivity for a limitless variety of applications and budgets. It is also suitable for all inspection requirements. Talysurf 50 gauges are available at or 12.5mm of sample length ranges and a range up to 200mm of horizontal travel. With 0.8nm resolution, F.T.50 system is ideal for the highest levels of precision manufacturing applications.

Calipers and Micrometers

- A number of rulers, calipers, micrometers, and a blade protractor are available for dimensions measurements, and some of them are provided with a digital display. Such tools represent a support for students in metrology sessions, and for simple measurements of industrial products.


- A group of different range and sensitivity dial indicators are used for comparing various products. A bench centre is located in the lab for various activities such as measurements of roundness errors of cylindrical parts.


- The CMM can be used to determine sizes of a variety of metal or plastic products. The CMM has a moving axis and probes the work piece in the X, Y, and Z coordinate axis.

- The measuring range of such a machine reaches up to 1000x1200-1600x650mm with a scanning tolerance of 4.1µm.


  1. Measuring surface roughness
  2. Measuring roundness error
  3. Coordinate measuring and dimension inspection
  4. Optical x10 measurement
  5. Optical x30 measurement

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