Train the Trainer Course

Course Objectives

This course is basically intended for instructors who will teach, train, and/or assess of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) courses. The course includes many principles of teaching and assessment skills accomplished with their applications of training and assessment both in classroom and using simulator for practical tasks.

Participants who successfully complete this course should be capable of undertaking all the responsibilities expected of instructors in this field. They will be fully aware of training requirements for GMDSS, the whole system terminals, teaching, and assessment skills.

Course Outline

  • Teaching methods and presentation skills.
  • Practical teaching procedures in classroom and using simulator.
  • IMO and ITU regulations and documentations.
  • Advanced satellite communication training.
  • Advanced terrestrial communication training.
  • Hardware troubleshooting principles.

The Simulator Exercises

Practical operational procedures by assigned participants on the following terminals:

  • Practical operational procedures for general communication.
  • Satellite Communication: INMARSAT-B
  • Satellite Communication: INMARSAT F-77
  • VHF-RT, SSB, and NBDP terminals.
  • DSC-VHF and DSC-MF and HF operation.
  • NAVTEX terminal, EPIRB, SART, and portable GMDSS VHF operations

Entry requirements

 The trainee should hold GOC at least and has good command in English language.

Duration: 5 working days.

No. of trainees: 6 - 10 trainees

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