Summer training for engineering students –Communication and Electronics Department

Training objective

The aim of this training course is to train the students to work on maintenance, tracing and fixing the faulty electronics circuits’ of some communication and radar equipment with introducing the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) in addition to some network basics.

Course outline

  • Introduction to GMDSS using one of the most advanced E-learning technologies represented in GMDSS simulator.
  • Dealing with latest measurements instrument for measuring electronic circuits.
  • Working with soldering and de-soldering to implement electronic circuits.
  • Working with one of the newest software to build complex electronic circuits (Multisim).

Course exercise

  • Measuring the electronics components.
  • Building electronic circuits of different components.
  • Practice on welding electronic circuits.
  • Tracing and maintenance different circuits as Power Supply, Oscillator and Amplifier circuits.
  • Reading complex circuits as the marine Radar circuits.
  • Familiarization and tuning of the frequencies on marine communication terminals plus knowing its range and propagation type and its effect on health.
  • Networking basics.

Entry Requirements

  • The student must be in Electronics and Communication Department and passed second year at least.
  • The student should have knowledge about basic electronic tools and components.

Duration: 10 working days.

No. of trainees: 6 – 10 trainees.

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