Department Services

The GMDSS departement offers a list of training courses under its capacity building

For trainees: Including marine officers, radio officers, communication engineers, SAR personal, and VTS personal. The GMDSS simulator also can provide courses for companies and authorities.

Other available services

  • The GMDSS simulator executes a visit programs to specialized entities by the implementation of scenarios that simulate realistic situations such as distress and emergency. A specialized visit program to the delegation of the World Maritime University (WMU) was carried out on 11 / 3/2014 with collaboration between all departments of the integrated simulator complex to ensure integration and this program impressed all attendees.
  • In addition to offering consultancy related to communication systems in the following fields: Disaster and crisis management, VTS centers, and SAR operations management.
  • The department provided the summer training course for the students of communication and computing department from college of engineering since 2009 till now.
  • There is a continuous advertisement and propaganda for the capabilities and activities of the department, in addition to participation with other departments in different courses in the simulator with familiarization lectures, also refreshment of website data continuously.
  • Participation of department’s lecturers in international and local conferences, forums and workshops with introducing papers in the field or by attendance.