Integrated Environmental Management for Water Resources and Environmental Monitoring Activities Course

Course Objectives

  • Evaluation of water quality for fresh water, sewage, industrial sewage and desalintaed water.

Course Outline

  • Concept of water quality criteria.
  • Introductuon for integrated environmental water management.
  • Applied criteria to different pollutants.
  • Description of the area of investigation.
  • General classification of important analytical methods.
  • Sustainability of water through environmental analysis.
  • Water quality criteria.
  • Analysis and monitoring activities.
  • Concept on complete analytical process.
  • Environmental analysis problems.
  • Sample preparation.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Liquid and gaschromato graphy.
  • GC/MC techniquie.
  • IR AND UV techniques.
  • ICP-OES technique.


  • Theoretical
  • Laboratory
Duration : 5 Days.
No. of Trainees : Min. 15 Trainees.

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