Introduction to Environmental Disasters Management Course

Course Objectives

  • Understanding of the scope of the disaster manager job and development of several skills.
  • Explanation of the role of a disaster manager in eliminating the underlying causes of disasters which would contribute to disaster prevention.
  • Minimizing the people's vulnerability to disaster - Increasing the response to emergencies in positive ways.

Course Outline

  • Disaster Management (Definitions and Terminology).
  • Disaster Statistics.
  • Incident Command System.
  • Decision Making During Disasters.
  • Working under stress.
  • Disasters Preparedness.
  • Communications and information sharing.
  • Disaster Mitigation.
  • Media Relations
  • Evacuation in Disaster Management.


  • Theoretical
  • Case study
Duration : 5 Days.
No. of Trainees : Min. 15 Trainees.

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