Oil Spill Response Course (IMO Level I - Adapted)

Course Objectives

  • This course is an introduction to oil spill response and its main objective is to enhance the capabilities of personnel in responding to oil spills. It is designed for spill response planners, operational personnel, and first responders. The course includes field trips and deployment of various types of equipment in the training site.
  • The theoretical part of the course concentrates on increasing the knowledge base of trainees, whereby the practical training focuses on developing skills.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to oil spills.
  • Enviromnental sensitivity and impacts.
  • Oil types, characteristics and their behavior in the marine environment.
  • Safety at the spill site.
  • The medical aspects.
  • Skimmers (Characteristics and uses).
  • Principles of using booms (Design, ion, uses, deployment and limitations).
  • Reponse organization and control strategies.
  • Use of absorbing materials.
  • Chemical dispersants (Characteristics and applications).
  • Shorelines types and clean-up.
  • Management of oily wastes (Transportation, storage and disposal).
  • Oil sampling.
  • Maintenance of oil pollution combating equipment.



  • Oil spill trajectory model.
  • Maintenance of oil pollution combating equipment.
  • Practical sessions for deployment of various types of oil spill combating equipment.
  • Shoreline survey and clean-up.

Duration: 5 Days.

No. of Trainees: Min. 10 Trainees.

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