Maritime Pilot Ship Handling Simulator Basic Course (10 Days Program):

Course Objective:

          The aim of this course is to perform pilotage services and to enable pilots to carry out their duties safely and efficiently in clear and restricted visibility and to continue possessing recent navigational knowledge to provide updating and refresh training to ensure the continuation of their proficiency.

Course Outline:

  • Proper used of RADAR in confined water.
  • ECDIS and safe navigation.
  • Role of the VTS in maritime Pilotage regulations.
  • GMDSS.
  • Communication according to Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP).
  • Master –Pilot Relationship.
  • Maneuvering information on board ships.
  • Embarking and disembarking pilots.
  • Wind and current effects.
  • Bank, channel and interaction effects.
  • Anchoring and single-buoy moorings.
  • Berthing and Un-berthing under various conditions of wind and current with or without tugs.
  • LNG Cargo Hazard. 
  • Risk management.

Simulator Exercises:

        The course is covered by multi-simulated exercises in different environments with different types of ships executed in (FMSS 360). The area of interest can be established by ISC Database center, if needed.

Course Approval:

  • Port Authority Administration( Geographical areas)
  • IMPA
Duration: 10 days.
NO. Of Trainee: 4-8
Course Fees: 2000 US $.

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