Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS)-Operation Level

Course Objective:

This course is designed to enhance navigation safety by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to fully utilize the features of ECDIS.

Course Outline:

  • Knowledge of legal aspects and responsibilities related to Electronic Navigation Charts.
  • Requirements for the carriage of back-up systems.
  • Safe operation of the ECDIS equipment.
  • Description of the structure of ECDIS and ENC.
  • Proper use of ECDIS-related information.
  • Determine position and the accuracy of resultant position fix.
  • Awareness of ECDIS-related limitations.

Simulator Exercises:

The course is practically based on exercises with a variety of ECDIS and ECS systems. This includes exercises in Kelvin Hughessystems and Sperry IBS simulator systemapplying a practical and realistic environment in different roueting areas.

Course Approval:

A person successfully completing the course will be considered to have met Training Standard-Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems and STCW requirements to:

  • Plan and Conduct a Passage and Determine Position: Thorough Knowledge of and Ability to Use ECDIS (Table A-II/1).
  • STCW 1978/2010 Table A II/1Maintain the Safety of Navigation
  • IMO Model Course 1.27
Duration: 5 days.
No. of trainees: 4-8.
Course Fees: 550 US $

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