Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Course (Introduction)

Course Objective:

This course is designed to provide the "VTS operator" with no Nautical knowledge. This course is complied with I.A.L.A. recommendations (V-103/1).

Course Outline:

  • Ship monitoring and identification.
  • Radar tetchiness &Automatic Identification System (AIS).
  • Communication and coordination.
  • Evaluation and interpretation of traffic situations.
  • Log keeping, recording and reporting.
  • Traffic integration and conflict resolution.
  • Emergency and special situations / contingency plans:

a)      Waterway management in multi-ship simulated scenarios.

b)      Anticipation and projection of traffic patterns.

c)      Critical areas.

d)     VTS sailing plans, including deep draught vessel.

Simulator Exercises:

VTS simulated exercises are executed in VTS station integrated with Marine Simulator Systems.

Course Approval:

  • I.A.L.A. Modules Course (V-103/1).
Duration: 8 days.
No. of trainees: 4-8.
Course Fees: 8000 US $.

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