Chemical Tanker Safety Course

Course Objectives

  • The course deals with the safe handling of chemical, and emphasizes the importance of understanding the physical properties in relation to practical operation of chemical handling equipment on ships.
  • The course contents cover the syllabus for the IMO endorsement (Chemical) as outline in STCW 95 requirement of reg. V/1 paragraph 1.2

Course Outline

  • Petrochemical demand.
  • Petroleum derivatives.
  • Chemical safety.
  • Main features of Marpol 73/78.
  • Chemical cargo categories.
  • Description of ship equipment and arrangements (fully sergerated cargo tanks and pipe lines).
  • Cargo handling procedures.
  • Pre-wash procedures.
  • Ventilation procedures.
  • Emergency procedures. 

Duration : 5 Days/ 30 Hours (20 theoretical- 10 Practical.)

No. of Trainees  : 4 - 12 Trainees.

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