Campaigns and Events

ا د اسماعيل عبد الغفار بفرع القريه الذكية يفتتح الحمله التي تقام تحت رعايته في كافه افرع الاكاديمية تحت شعار "انا الاقوي"  


Campaign Supporting children's Heart Centre in Aswan

AASTMT launched a wide reaching Campaign in all its branches to support Aswan Heart Center under the slogan "Healthy Heart in a Healthy body for a Healthy Mind". The Campaign includes sports events to promote healthy lifestyle and awareness-raising sessions for leading a healthy life and evading all that may cause heart diseases. A Marathon in support of the Campaign is scheduled to take place Sunday 3rd January 2016 under the name "AASTMT Runners" with the participation of students from Alexandria, Heliopolis, Port Said, Dokki and Smart Village Campuses. The call for participation is extended to all the Smart Village Companies AASTMT Runners.

I am Responsible: My district is the Cleanest 


I am Responsible: Ease the Traffic 2012

I am Responsible: NO Cheating (حملة: بص في ورقتك)

Spread Joy 2013


Smoking Cam '06 '08