The Arab Academy is a regional Arab University that specializes in science, technology and Maritime Transport. It comprises a number of study programs in various fields leading to B.Sc., M.Sc., Certificates of Marine Competency, Specialized Diplomas, and Training Certificates

The Deanery of Admission & Registration

The Deanery of Admission and Registration is established to help fulfill the Academy's role as a regional and Arab University that serves the citizens of various Arab Countries with their varying educational .levels and interests through its different educational programs and plans, also through offering training opportunities for organizations and diverse educational programs for individual students, as well as to Arab bodies and institutions in the fields of Engineering, Management, international transport , logistics ,Computing and Information technology, shipping, technology fisheries , language and Media. and Maritime Transport.

The Deanery comprises three departments:

  • Admission Affairs
  • Registration Affairs
  • Alumni Affairs
  • the affairs of military recruitment
  • tuition fees.
  • Graduate Studies
  • courses inevitable and rehabilitative

Admission and registration for different programs are open all year round in all educational programs and follow the periodic instructions issued by the Admission Department. Admission rules and procedures are available upon request.
In addition, the Deanery is responsible for arranging any special programs required by interested corporations and institutions, whether the programs mentioned later on in this catalog or others upon request. Such programs can be implemented at the Academy's premises or the location agreed upon with the served party.