Registration Rules

Academic Rules

Academic rules and graduation requirements govern the relationship between the Academy and its students. These regulations are effective upon announcement and are subject to amendment when deemed necessary. Students must abide by academic rules and regulations and the Deanery of Admission publications. Below are some of these rules concerning under and post-graduate studies:


Registration takes place one week before the beginning of the semester. Schedules are also announced before the beginning of the semester. Student must personally undertake registration procedures of their courses. Students must strictly abide by all the rules stated in the registration instruction brochure.

If a student is unable to register on time, he is allowed a late registration period (first week of instruction) provided his excuse is accepted. In this case, he shall pay special registration fees. Registration is not allowed after the end of late registration period. If an acceptable excuse is not presented by the end of the semester, students' enrolment is canceled.

Credit Hours

A Credit Hour for every semester week (CH) is equivalent to one hour of theoretical study (50 minutes), not less than two hours of practical or applied work (50 minutes each) and not less than one hour of individual effort, or three hours of practical or applied work. The CH determines the course load a student is allowed to register for in each semester.

Study Plans

The Academy study plan comprises various, specializations, each consisting of a number of educational processes which enhance student's capability and educational abilities.

Educational Load

The student is allowed to register for a total of semester CHs depending mainly upon his abilities and examination results. The educational load is usually between 12CHs (low load) and 18CHs (full load). Students with low grades in the Secondary Certificate or those who face problems in their study are advised to take the low load CHs in order to help them overcome their educational problems.

Grading System

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                    In order to decide whether a student's educational situationĀ  under academic supervision, Cumulative GPA is calculated at the end of each semester using the total points the student has acquired in all the courses he registered for up to the time of calculation, and dividing the result by the total number of registered credit hours.
                  • If a student fails to attend the final exam without an acceptable excuse, his grade shall be a zero.
                    Repeating a course

                  Students are not allowed to repeat courses that have been studied over more than one full academic year.

                  • If a student repeats a course he finished with success to improve his grade, he gets the highest grade he achieved.
                  • If a student gets an (F) or a conditioned pass (D) in any course, whether mandatory or elective, the grade is recorded in the student's permanent report, and is included in calculating both semester and cumulative GPA.
                  • A student must repeat the courses he fails. If he succeeds, the maximum grade shall not be more than 3.00 B (Very Good).
                  • If the student fails to get the required Cumulative GPA, he will have to repeat the courses with conditioned pass until he reaches the average of 2.00 or more.
                  • If a student fails in the repeated course exam, the failing grade shall be calculated in the GPA for this semester only.
                  • The credit hours for a repeated course or for any other reason, shall be calculated in the cumulative GPA only once.
                  • If a student gets an "incomplete" grade in any course, he must arrange to change it before the beginning of the first week of the following semester or else he will be considered withdrawn.
                    The General grade is set according to the following Cumulative Grades




                  from 2 to less than 2.4


                  from 2.4 to less than 2.8

                  Very Good

                  from 2.8 to less than 3.4


                  from 3.4 and above

                  List of Honor

                  The status of a graduation degree with honor is conferred upon those achieving a GPA of not less than 2.8 upon graduation, provided that they:

                  • Did not fail any course,
                  • Did not get less than "C" in any of the courses registered for during their study period in the Academy.

                  Graduation with honor Status is recorded in the certificate granted upon graduation.

                  Graduation Requirements

                  The Academy grants the B.Sc. degree in the following specializations on condition that the students meet the graduation requirements in accordance with the Academy's regulations.