Tecnical Courses

General Rules for the Grading Systems

100 marks are assigned for each course of the semester, distributed as follows:
• 30% for the mid-term exam.
• 20% for the twelfth week exam.
• 10% for semester work.
• 40% for the final exam.
Grading of student's research is based on a total mark of 100.

Certificates of Competency Studies


Study is conducted twice a year. Each semester consists of 18 weeks for all nautical certificates except for First mate certificate (22 weeks), Captain (19 weeks) and Second engineer (22 weeks). Fulfilling attendance requirements is mandatory to sit in for competency exams.


Competency examinations are administered four times a year in January, April, July and October. Ministerial laws issued by the Egyptian Maritime Authorities govern the grading of these examinations and state that students are to be graded using a percentage 20% for each course in the Preliminary studies.

Marine Catering and Marine Technicians Courses

  • Courses are offered twice a year for Marine Technicians, each course lasts 16 weeks.
  • Courses for marine catering last for two years. Admission papers are to be submitted in August every year.

Examinations of Marine Technicians and Marine catering courses are administered at the end of each course with a minimum passing Grade of 60% for each course and 60% for the cumulative grade.

Training Studies and Programs

Trainees are granted certificates asserting their attendance of the training programs and studies.

The Deanery of Admission and that of Alumni Affairs issue graduation certificates and reports, which reflect the Academy's philosophy of continuous evaluation.