Alexandria Campus (Main Headquarter)

Alexandria  ( Main Headquarter)

                           AbuKir Campus comprises


College of Maritime Transport & Technology

・。 Navigation Technology + Second Mate Certificate (for male students only).

Marine Engineering Technology + Third Engineer Certificate (for male students only).

                          Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

 In addition, the college includes specialized

Departments and programs:

・。 Management and Economics

・。 Maritime Safety

・。 Post-graduate Maritime Studies

・。 Protection of Marine Environment Program

・。 Diving Program

・。 Meteorology Program

・。 Fisheries Program

College of International Transport and Logistics (Arabic – English)

・。 International Trade Logistics Management Department.

・。 Transport Logistics Management Department.

・。 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Department.

                     Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

College of Engineering and Technology


・。 Michatronics and Mechanical Engineering

・。 Electronics and Communication Engineering

・。 Computer Engineering

・。 Electrical and Control Engineering

・。 Construction and Building Engineering

・。 Industrial and Management Engineering

・。 Architectural Engineering & Environmental Design

                       Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)


In addition, the college includes specialized

departments and programs:

・。 Basic and Applied Sciences

・。 Engineering Post-graduate Studies

College of Computing and Information Technology


・。 Computer Science

・。 Information Systems

・。 Software Engineering

・。 Multimedia and Computer Graphic

                Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

In addition, the college includes specialized

Departments and programs:

・。 Post-graduate studies department.The technologies of multimedia and computer graphics have pervaded most of the activities of business, communication and education. Consequently, the need for skilled and highly trained workforce is of vital importance. This requirement leads to the introduction of Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and computer game. This program aims to produce graduates with a balanced mix of technical and artistic skills required for careers within the visual effects, computer animation, computer games and multimedia production industries.

College of Fisheries Technology and Aquaculture


・。 Fisheries Technology

College of Fisheries Technology and Aquaculture is specializing in fisheries, enhancing students personality, and enriching their skills through technical activities. These will promote their academic and practical abilities, reinforce their rational efficiency and open up new career possibilities in different fields of fisheries.

Career Opportunities:

CFTA qualifies graduates to work in:

・。 Official organizations and institutions related to fisheries management.

・。 Arab and international organizations related to fisheries management and conservation

・。 Educational and training institutions

・。 Qualified to be captain of fishing vessel.

                       Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)


Port Training Institute

The Institute supervises the implementation of maritime training programs on training ship

Aidaa VI, which are offered for Navigation and Marine Engineering students aspiring to work as marine officers and engineers.

Integrated Simulators Complex

It comprises: Ship handling simulator, satellite communication simulator, marine pollution control simulator, liquefied natural gas cargo simulator, oil analysis labs and Database Modeling Center (DBM) which is considered a cornerstone in the Academy centers for developing Arab cadres in the previously mentioned specialized fields.

Information and Documentation Center

The Information and Documentation Center (IDC) was established in 1983 to develop administrative and management information systems in different departments of the Academy


                 Miami Campus comprises

College of Management and Technology

Departments: (Arabic – English- French)

・。 Marketing and International Business

・。 Accounting 

・。 E-Commerce

・。 Management Information Systems

・。 Hotels and Tourism

・。 Media Management

・。 International Program (Cardiff University)

The Academys educational programs qualify students to obtain various degrees, certificates and diplomas through the credit-hour-system, which affords them a great amount of flexibility in choosing the academic or professional educational program that best suits them.

                           Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

College of Language and Media

・。Media Department

・。Translation Department

                  Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

Graduate School of Business

It includes post-graduate studies and programs that aim at preparing business leaders, using the latest academic methodologies that blend scientific concepts with business practices so as to enable students to reach new horizons in the arts of distinctive administration.

・。 Doctorate in Professional Business Administration (DBA)

・。 Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Arabic- English)

・。 Master of Public Administration (MPA) (Arabic)

・。 Post-Graduate Studies Diploma in Marketing (Arabic – English)

・。 Post-Graduate Studies Diploma in Human Resources (Arabic – English)

Research and Consultation Center:

The Center reflects the Academy’s philosophy that is concerned with linking education with applied research. It has the following research departments:

Technical Research

・。 Information and Systems Analysis Research

・。 Computer Research

・。 Maritime Transport Research

International High School:

The School implements the programs of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in coordination with Cambridge University as well as the American Diploma.

Community Service Programs Center:

The center offers a variety of programs in the fields of (English language, Computer,

Secretarial, ...etc.)

Specialized Institutes:

・。 International Transport & Logistics

・。 Productivity and Quality

・。 Sea Training

・。 Ports Training

・。 Hotels Institute

・。 Technical and Vocational Studies

Information Technology Centers:

・。 Integrated Simulators Complex

・。 Multi- Media Center

・。 Computer Services Center

・。 Computer Networks Center

・。 Regional Informatics Center


Online Admission

The student can fill out an application form through the Academy website https://aastmtic.aast.edu/onlineadmission/ and then complete relevant procedures afterwards.