Advanced - Level 11

This course is the first in the “Advanced” stage

Utilizing learner-centered methodology and task-based instruction, learners will be able understand announcements and messages and topics spoken at normal speed, and specialized articles outside their field, provided they can use a dictionary occasionally to confirm their interpretation of terminology.

They will express their ideas and opinions with precision, present and respond to complex lines of argument convincingly.

They will outline an issue or a problem clearly, speculating about causes or consequences, and weighing advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.

Learners are assessed throughout the course by tests, quizzes and Speaking tasks

The final grade in each course is based on learners’ performance on an ongoing oral assessment and final written test.


·         University Students (undergraduates/graduates)

·         Staff seeking job promotion.

·         People thinking of traveling.

·         Mothers following their children in their studies.

 Duration: 36 Hrs.


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