Negotiation Skills

This course will introduce you to the main principles of effective negotiation and help you develop the skills needed to achieve a successful outcome.

Negotiation is an essential skill for achieving your objectives in a variety of situations, without compromising the views and opinions of the other person(s).

Many people fear negotiating whilst others revel in “the fight” – however you feel, learning effective negotiation skills will help you develop sustainable and respectful relationships and achieve your objectives in the long term.

Upon the completion you should:

·         Recognize the basic principles of negotiation and the need to negotiate in a sustainable way

·         Analyze their negotiation style and develop confidence in win/win

·         Recognize the various stages of effective negotiation

·         Develop a coherent case and set clear objectives

·         Recognize whether they are being cooperative or competitive

·         Utilize effective interpersonal skills

·         Develop the ability to listen and be listened to

·         Develop calm and objectivity throughout the negotiation process

·         Use negotiation skills in a variety of situations

·         Deal with hostility and negotiate acceptable solutions

·         Develop strategies to ensure positive outcomes

·         Develop an Action Plan for use in the workplace


·         New and aspiring sales professionals as well as practicing sales people that want to gain a formal qualification.

·         New and current Managers

·         Owners

·         Team Leaders 

·         Executives & Team Members

·         Anyone who is or will be responsible for managing teams or individuals

·         Anyone working in business.

·         Anyone looking to enter the field of business.

·         Recent college/university graduates.

Duration: 32 Hrs.




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