Predicting Trend Prices Using Data Mining Classification Program

Course Description:

The key of success in stock trading is to buy and sell stocks at the right time for the right price. "Buy Low, Sell High" sounds easy, but it is so difficult to carry out since the direction of stock market in the near future is almost unpredictable. With the advances in data mining, it has now become possible to predict the future market direction based on historical data. In this program, different approaches are used to predict the future market direction of the Stock Exchange, Time series forecasting is conducted and a suitable span of time for the stock market data is examined. Results were obtained, compared and discussed in details. Important chart patterns to support decision making in stock trading had been found out. In order to visualize the result, a visualization technique is also this program we will be conducted on more than one financial market with a focus on the Egyptian market and the Gulf markets.


Course Objectives:

  1. Studying Advanced Predictive Techniques with Significant Predictive Power.
  2. Obtain known Direction or Trading Signals from the Database for use in decision making
  3. Study the Methods of Detecting Signals and Trends allowing for the adoption of the right Decisions in a Timely Manner.

Give Participants the Ability to shape the Possibilities for Price Movements.


Learning Outcome:

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify deferent financial markets types.
  • Define the principles & bases of analysis and how to apply them correctly.
  • What are the price trends?
  • Definition of technical analysis tools and their classification
  • How to use different technical analysis tools according to different market conditions.
  • Identify the timing of buying and selling, which are the most important elements of the success of investment in the stock exchange.
  • Analysis for market indices and sectors.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction & Concepts.
  • Financial Markets.
  • Stock Markets Components.
  • Commodities Markets.
  • Derivatives Market.
  • Chart Types.
  • Data Types.
  • Trend Types & Patterns.
  • Investors Classifying.
  • Investors Trading Reports.
  • Market and Sectors Indices.
  • Market Breadth Indices.
  • Technical Indicators Classifying.
  • Exchange -Traded Fund – ETF.
  • Economic Analysis.


Course Duration: 60 Hrs.

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