• GIS01 – Basic Concepts of GIS using Arc View Approach.
    The objective of this course is to bring the student to knowledge of geographic information systems using simple theoretical introduction and approach for vector GIS using Arc View.
    Duration: 48 Hours                                                          
  • GIS02 – Autodesk Map Approach to GIS.
    Autodesk is a worldwide company that deals with CAD systems Autodesk Map is one of the most popular GIS software that is based on Autodesk most know software, AutoCAD. In this course, Autodesk Map is introduced to the students with some real applications.
    Duration: 36 Hours                                                          
  • GIS03 – Advanced in GIS.
    The objective of this course is to introduce advanced concepts for the students. These concepts include raster analysis, spatial modeling, and network modeling. The core parts of the training program are a set of case students in management, cartography …, etc.
    Duration: 48 Hours                                                          
  • GIS04 – Arc GIS & Geodatabase Concept.
    Arc GIS is a complete environment to design, implement, and operate geographic information system. It is very popular environment which meets the requirements of users, different levels of skills and orientation. Many experts believe that Arc GIS is the advanced easy tool treats GIS.
    Duration : 48 Hours                                                          
  • GIS05 – MapInfo Approach to GIS
    MapInfo is one of the most common worldwide GIS software. In this course the students are involved in studying the conceptual approach of MapInfo and some applications of MapInfo in city management, planning cartography, marketing…, etc.
    Duration: 36 Hours                                                          
    • Pre-requirements of the program:
            There are no specific requirements for the GIS program except Microsoft Windows basic skills. Otherwise, it is recommended that the student has some advanced skills like spreadsheet or DBMS treating (e.g. Excel or Access).


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