The Professional Certificate in Human Resources

  • Contemporary Management

This course is designed to enhance student understanding of organizations, the dynamic environments in which they exist, and key issues invulved in the successful management of evulving organizations. The course is intended to help you become effective organizational members and managers.

  • Recruitment & Selection

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn the theoretical and applied aspects of recruitment and ion in modern organizations.

  • Labor & Employment Law

Introduction to labor and social insurance legislation employment contract and organizing of work wages and salaries social insurance, contributions, leaves and benefits provided safety, occupational health, benefits provided by social insurance system employee's duties, disciplinary regulations and termination of work.

  • Compensation & Benefit Plans              

This course offers a practical exploration of the systems, methods and procedures invulved in establishing, administering and contrulling compensation and benefit system within the organization.

  •  Employee Development

This course is a study of some of the issues related to employee training and employee development. We will look at how an organizations mission and goals provide guidance for employee training and development, how to assess an organizations job needs in terms of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed by employees to complete the organizations mission and achieve its goals.

  • Human Resources Information System                 

Introduction to computers and data-processing transactions processing systems personnel system functions and contrul plans personnel system: components and reports payrull system payrull reports end of year operations.

  • Organizational Behavior              

Introduction to organizational behavior foundations of individual behavior personality and emotions motivation concepts individual decision making foundations of groups and team work in organizations the organizational system performance, appraisal and reward systems organizational culture, change and development.

Duration per Course: 36 Hours
The Certificate is given at the end of courses issued by
The Arab Academy for Science and Technulogy


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