Summer Courses


The AASMT proudly presents its distinguished summer courses for children which work on enhancing the child educational skills through following the latest international teaching methods, carried out by highly qualified teachers in the field.






  • Computer ( fun book)
  • Languages ( English and French)
  • Arts and crafts
  • English and Arabic Calligraphy



Computer: from 8 to 16

CSP offers to your kids a variety of computer programs to enhance their computer skills

Course Duration: Saturday, Monday and Wednesday from 12 to 3

  • Beginners: word, excel , internet, power point, windows
  • Advanced: word, excel, power point , access
    Course duration : 48 hours, 16 lectures


Course duration: 24 hours , 10 lectures

  • Maintenance and IT

Course Duration: 36 hours, 12 lectures

  • Visual basic : 36 hours, 12 lectures
  • Graphic: ( Photoshop, flash, illustrator)

Course duration: 48 hours, 16 lectures


Fun book: create your own book of fun in order to enhance your child creativity, imagination and way of thinking using adobe illustrator software.
Course duration: 30 hours, 10 lectures


Language : from 5 to 16 years old

English and French: This course aims to improve and develop young learners English and french level through the following activities:

  • The most modern auditory and visual technology ( language labs- video show rooms- CDI labs)
  • Learn Etiquette basics
  • Improve character and personality
  • Field trips that encourage students to communicate and interact with others in English
  • &ldquo Music Club&rdquo to develop young learners language through a variety of English songs
  • Interesting competitions and task based, cross curricular activities to integrate students language skills
  • Workshops where students learn art work and develop their English language
  • End- of course parties with fascinating programs ( DJ, Puppet show, displays and games)


Placement test: 20 pounds
Placement test duration: daily from 9 to 7 except Friday
Courses number: 12 courses (3 courses per week)
English Book fees: from 80 to 160 pounds
English Course fees: 400 pounds per course


For conversation courses , upper intermediate level is a prerequisite
Three courses throughout summer each lasts for one month
KG1 and KG2 students don&rsquot need a placement test
25% off for brothers/sisters
50% off for parents

Arts and Crafts

Develop your child creativity and explore his talent with practical activities and projects which improve child personality and develop his skills.


Duration: 8 lectures

English and Arabic Calligraphy:

Improve your kid hand writing in English and Arabic

Duration : 30 hours, 10 lectures


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