Objective 1: Supporting scientific research and guiding faculty members to the importance and to the methods of research


a) Setting realistic research plan that takes into account the resources and research possibilities and focus on new trends in scientific research and the needs of local industry and future plans. This plan should be clear and announced.

b) Providing suitable research potentials and allocating of a number postgraduate scholarships for the establishment of specialized scientific postgraduate schools.

c) Putting a map for the local/international scientific research funders and its programs with introducing this map to the researchers.

d)  Preparing advanced postgraduate programs that correspond with the research plan and contribute to the achievement of its goals in addition to providing modern interdisciplinary specialties and developing the bylaws to conform with the European systems Bologna Process or with the American systems.

e) Providing packages of digital educational courses and global databases and developing the library to satisfy the needs of scientific research.

f) Supplying and increasing the electronic library with the latest published resources.

g) Linking the academic education with the labor market in collaboration with businessmen to determine the research and academic fields,  involve students in college boards, listen to their suggestions and implement the possible recommendations while developing courses and programs.

h) Establishing a marketing unit for scientific research.

i) Establishing a committee for monitoring the academic ethics of scientific research.

Performance indicators

a) The presence of documented and announced research plan to which the scientific research is linked.

b) The number of research projects funded by businessmen and contracted by companies to solve industrial problems.

c) The participation of industrialists in the college boards and modifies the curriculum in light of their proposals.

d) Postgraduate programs compatible with the research plan and regulations of the Bologna Process.

e) Reissue the Academy scientific journal and elevate it to the global standard.

f) The capability of marketing scientific research.

 Success Indicators

a) Annual increase of the budget allocated for scientific research and research activities.   

b) Issue the Academy scientific journal and elevate it to the global standard.         

c) The steady increase in the marketing of scientific research.          

d)  The annual steady increase in the number of joint ventures between the Academy and companies.