Objective 2: Encouraging international publication in all academic fields by providing time and appropriate financial rewards



a) Attracting distinguished professors through setting a number of academic chairs for which people from within research production and outside the Academy are nominated that have privileges such as flexibility and excellent income to fully attend to research

b) Reducing/decreasing the administrative load assigned to academic staff to fully support their ability to make research.

c) Encouraging publication in scientific journals with high impact factor and participating in important scientific conferences via a rewarding financial regulation.

d) Setting standardized procedures for approving the promotion of academic staff based on efficiency and research performance.

e) Setting indicators and rules for evaluating research achievement and making decisions to reward the distinguished ones and promoting them.

f) Dedicating one-year sabbatical fellowships that enable academic staff to make research and write scientific books through international publication houses.

g) Applying the system of research students and offering teaching and research assistanceship for people from within and outside the Academy to guarantee the application of outstanding candidates and to include those who prove worthy to be an academic staff member.

h) Increasing research production in the Academy and assigning one research paper for each academic staff member per year at least.

i) Encouraging staff participation in international scientific conferences and providing appropriate financial support for them.

j) Organizing an international conference for the Academy on a yearly basis with Arab and foreign participation, ing good scientific articles and aiming at increasing periodically published researches by academic staff.


Performance indicators


a) Number of scientific chairs

b) Teaching and research assistanceships

c) Holding the international scientific conference on a yearly regular basis with Arab and foreign participation

d) Publishing in scientific journal with high impact factors

e) Sabbatical fellowships for making research

f) Writing books through international publication houses

g) The participation of the Academy&rsquos academic staff in international scientific conferences


Success indicators


a) Increasing the number of published research papers nationally and internationally

b) Increasing the number of written books through international publication houses

c) Increasing sabbatical fellowships for scientific research

d) Increasing publication in scientific journals with high impact factors