Highway and Traffic Engineering: Curricular Reform for Mediterranean Area

Tempus Project ID: 544460


Project Duration: 36 months

Project Start Date: Dec. 2013

Project End Date: Nov. 2016

Total Budget: 1,294 609,70 Euro

Budget of the academy in this project: 101,231.63 Euro


This project is partly based on the successfully experience of the ongoing  Tempus Project HDMCuRF Highway Design  and Management: Curricular Reform for Russian Federation Design and Implementation of Higher Education Master Courses in Russia (see the project website http://formit.it/hdmcurf/). Partners of HDMCuRF are: (1) University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy (coordinator) (2) Moscow State Automobile and Road University, Moscow, Russian Federation (3) Altai State Technical University named after II Polzunov, Barnaul, Russian Federation (4) Orenburg State University, Orenburg, Russian Federation, (5) International Association for Automotive and Road Engineering Education, Moscow, Russian Federation (6) National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece (7) The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden and (8) FORMIT Foundation, Rome, Italy.

The project objective is to design, develop and implement a new curriculum programme in Highway and Traffic Engineering in a joint effort between EU and Mediterranean Universities in line with Bologna requirements. The former will transfer EU best practices, experiences and methodologies according to the Bologna process to support the development and diffusion of an innovative experience in technical higher education in Mediterranean institutions supporting the capacity and knowledge building in highway and traffic engineering. The realization of a Master programme will follow a scenario assessment taking into account of Mediterranean institutions sector needs and requirements, and EU best practices developed.

In the Mediterranean Area, the development of the road infrastructures is a key factor for socioeconomic development. The master contents will provide qualified professional resources capable of sustaining and managing the huge effort of road infrastructure development. Special emphasis will be given to advanced traffic management, road safety, and road design optimization. Skills for application of the recent EU Directive 2008/96/EC for road infrastructure safety management will be developed. The master will be oriented to further development of the process of interaction with professional communities and reflects their requirements in the developed curriculum. The master is aimed at providing postgraduates with an advanced level of education for the exercise of a highly qualified activity in highway and traffic engineering.



EU Partners
1.    University of Naples Federico II, UniNA, Italy
2.    University of Catania, UniCT, Italy
3.    FORMIT Foundation, FORMIT, Italy
4.    Network of Mediterranean Schools of Engineering, RMEI, France
5.    National Technical University of Athens, NTUA, Greece
6.    Polytechnic University of Valencia, UPV, Spain
7.    Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden

Southern Neighbouring Area Partners
8.    Arab Academy for Science and Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt (Coordinator and grant holder)
9.    Cairo University, Egypt
10.    Zagazig University, Egypt
11.    Hopy Spirit University - Kaslik, Lebanon
12.    Lebanese University - Roumieh, Lebanon
13.    Sagesse University - Furn El Chebbak, Lebanon
14.    ENSA Marrakesh, Morocco
15.    AIAC-ONDA, Morocco
16.    Université Mohamed V - Agdal - École Mohammadia d''Ingénieurs (EMI), Morocco
17.    Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics, Sousse University, Tunisia
18.    Ecole Nationale d''ingénieurs de Sousse, Tunisia

Coordinator of the project: Professor Yasser Gaber Dessouky (AASTMT)
                                                Tel: 0100 6030790
                                                Email: ygdessouky@yahoo.com