Master of Engineering in Sound and Vibration

MSV 14 Partners 
- The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden (Grant Holder)
- University of Aalborg, AAU, Denmark.
- University of Leuven, TUL, Belgium.
- LMS International, LMS, Belgium.
- Sound Plan, SP, Germany
- Ain Shams University, ASU, Egypt (Coordinator)
- Nile University, NU, Egypt.
- Arab Academy for Science and Technology, AAST, Egypt.
- Helwan University, HU, Egypt.
- Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, MSEA, Egypt.
- Housing and Building Research Center, HBRC, Egypt. 
- Mechanical and Electrical Research Institute, MERI, Egypt.
- The Acoustical Society of Egypt, ASE, Egypt.
- Elaraby Group, ARB, Egypt.


Funding and Duration:
Three years duration starting from January, 2008 till January, 2011 and the project is extended till the year 2012 due to the Egyptian political circumstances.  
Project funding is 850,000 &euro = 6.8 million EGP where it&rsquos AASTMT portion is 60,000 &euro =480,000 EGP.
Prospective development:
Preparation of a convention between the Egyptian universities (AASTMT &ndash Helwan University &ndash ASU &ndash Nile University) leading to a common Master of Engineering in Sound and Vibration and it will be considered as the first program leading to this degree in Egypt and the middle east.


MSV project outcomes to AASTMT
The impact and the benefit of the MSV project to AASTMT is including:
1.    Development the links between AASTMT and Egyptian/International Universities along with the community/industry.
2.    Development of academic staff (e.g. national/international courses, postgraduates, and lab facilities which support applied research activities (six masters and one PhD).
3.    Double degree between AASTMT, Ain Shames Uni, and KTH Uni.
4.    Establishment the first Acoustic Emission Lab (216,000EGP) in Egypt and Middle East. 
Coordinator of the project: Prof. Mohamed Fahmy (AASTMT)