Development of a high-efficient power-generation from hybrid-fuel supplies

This project is funded by the ErAfrica which is addressing renewable energy technologies. 
The general objectives of this research, are as follows: 
1. To establish a technological foundation for making use of both solar and biomass energy in an economically efficient manner, 
2. To promote multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborative R&D projects within ErAfrica innovation system for the renewable energy industry in general, and for the solar and biomass energy industry in particular via the collaboration between consortium's research sectors, 
3. To promote the key issues of competitiveness, collaboration and venture capital investments in renewable energy conversion through the cooperation between research sectors in the consortium and industry, and 
4. To create long-term research collaboration between the European and African team members through research collaboration in Renewable Energies.

The total fund of the project is 980,000 Euro.

The goals of the projectare as follows: 
1. To construct and run pilot field tests of Advanced High Efficiency gas Turbine (HSG-AHET) prototypes, 
2. To establish a desalination plant operated on waste heat recovered from the electric power plant for further enhancement of the overall process efficiency, and 
3. To transfer the technology to consortium&rsquos local manufacturer a spin-off company to start production of the commercial version of the prototype.

The specific objectives of this proposal are as follows: 
1. To develop a mathematical tool for optimization of an advanced low-cost hybrid electric power generator, 
2. To construct and test Advanced High Efficiency gas Turbine (HSG-AHET) prototypes in the field, 
3. To establish a desalination plant operated on heat recovered from the electric power plant.

The expected results out of this project will: 
1.Contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in ErAfrica by fostering relationships between the research group and the industrial companies of the consortium, which will lead in turn to future cooperation between these parties for applying innovative techniques, 
2. Enhance technological innovation and improve competitiveness in the different economic sectors of ErAfrica as an effort to increase profitability by decreasing operation costs, and 
3. Strengthen and hence enable the transfer of technology, know-how, and best practices to Africa institutions through the EU partners.

The project Lead PI is Professor Yasser Gaber Dessouky, Senior MIEEE, MIET