RMEI Gender Equality Policy Statement

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The Mediterranean basin has, for centuries, been the cradle of important civilizations, it is an exceptional eco-region, has unique natural and cultural heritage, and its inhabitants harbour a shared feeling of belonging to `the same sea` (Mare Nostrum). At the crossroads of three continents, the Mediterranean Sea brings together countries and peoples of various levels of economic and social development, different religions, languages and cultures, who share a common civilization. The Mediterranean region is the interface of North and South, East and West. People of the Mediterranean wish to embrace common values of equity among countries and generations, mutual respect between people, solidarity, and peace. The Mediterranean nowadays faces great environmental, economic and social challenges. Sustainable development, including economic vitality, based on a green economic approach, social cohesion, gender equality, environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources, to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future ones, is the vision of RMEI. The main mission of RMEI is to enhance the ethics of responsibility of the Mediterranean Youth through Education and Culture. Universities play a key role in contributing to social transformation and Sustainable Development through Education, Research and Innovation. This role is fully reflected in the formulation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. University-members of RMEI express their commitment to embed the UN world agenda 2030, at the centre of their mission and, develop their activities within this framework.
The Gender Equality Policy of RMEI complies with the vision for a Sustainable Development, where engineers, scientists, managers (men and women) play a major role. Women need to be considered equal to men at all levels of their activities and life whilst integrating the gender dimension in teaching, research and innovation related to Sustainable Development should be strengthened. The RMEI Gender Equality Policy calls for Education strategies and related actions to pursue SDGs. Today, on the 27th of March 2019 in Rome, RMEI member-Universities endorse this statement, and agree to work towards gender equality within their own institutions.

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