The École nationale d''administration is one of the most prestigious French grandes écoles, created in 1945 by Michel Debré to democratise access to the senior civil service.

It is now entrusted with the ion and initial training of senior French officials. It is one of the most elitist French schools, both because of its acceptance rates and because a large majority of its candidates have already graduated from the best graduate schools in the country The ENA thus stands as one of the symbols of the meritocracy, along with the other grandes écoles, offering its alumni access to high positions in the public and private sectors.

ENA''s Board of Directors, chosen for their competence, includes, among others, members of the National Assembly, the Senate and the European Parliament, reflecting the strong European and international character of the school. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is, ex officio, the Vice-President of the Council of State, the nation’s highest ranking civil servant.

The chairman and members of the Board are named in a Decree of the Council of Ministers.

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