Course Code:LED 905

Credit hours:3

Course Overview:

Excellent leaders share their visions of current trends and likely developments in areas such as global demographics, economics, geopolitical developments, technology, and social trends. The first part emphasizes trends relevant to the location of the pending Global Residency, and the second portion touches on issues likely to prove directly relevant to the future of participants as leaders with a focus on developing a personal leadership Action Plan: Participants integrate concepts learned throughout the program into a personalized action plan that identifies the strategic priorities, action steps, and areas of opportunity in their individual leadership journeys. The plan that each participant produces serves as a guide for future growth and success and directly prepares the participant for the Closing Residency.

Course Objectives:

Upon Course Completion, the participant should be able to:

1. Understand what personal skills lead to
2. Develop the uses of personal skills
3. Identify ways in which personal skills can be defined
4. Illustrate ways in which personal skills are grown
5. Define the two classifications of personal skills
6. Understand where you can utilize personal skills

Topics to be covered:

  • Personal development

  • Career Success

  • Leadership skills and abilities

  • Decision making

  • Utilization of Human resources

  • Workplace readiness

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