Course Code: LED 922

Credit hours: 3

Course Overview:

This course investigates current theories that are related to developing and sustaining communities of learners who are preparing for the challenges of becoming active, responsible members of a society dominated by rapid technological change. The course is on pedagogical practices and perspectives that provide safe learning environments, that acknowledge the individuality of learners and that promote opportunities for individual students to create, monitor and achieve personal learning goals.

Course Objectives:

Upon Course Completion, the participant should be able to:

1. Understanding the current views of the nature of intelligence.
2. Identify key components of knowledge construction.
3. Understand the current theories of emotional intelligence, positive psychology, intrapersonal intelligence and executive function.
4. Critically examine popular programs and the dominating pedagogical foundations.
5. Articulate the relationships between interest, volition, and conation and improved learning outcomes.

Topics to be covered:

  • Employee engagement

  • Creating an organizational culture

  • Theories of emotional intelligence

  • Counteract negativity

  • Accelerate excellence
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