Course Code: LED 918

Credit hours: 3

Course Overview:

This course evaluates how private sector interests, non-governmental organizations, and government policymakers advance issues, it examines how groups become effective policy advocates. Particular attention is paid to how winning coalitions are formed and how issue framing shapes the outcome of policy campaigns. The goal is neither to produce partisan talking points, nor to favor one governance philosophy over others. Rather it is to clarify the public policy challenges ahead and to enhance participants’ understanding of how policy options are adopted in the real world arena of contemporary politics.

Course Objectives:

Upon Course Completion participant should be able to:

1- Understand policy research and policy impact
2- Illustrate Public opinion and media impact
3- Demonstrate interest groups, firms and NGO’s
4-undertsand legislators and policy evaluation
Topics to be covered:

  • Theories of public policy making

  • Issues, resources, actors of public policy

  • Institutions of public policy making

  • Policy commitment

  • Implementing public policy

  • Legislators and policy evaluation
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