What is IBDL?

IBDL Certifications

IBDL certifications are the first and pioneering certifications of their kind in Business Administration field. IBDL's certifications are particularly designed and developed for those who are looking for opportunities and qualifications in Business Administration Professionalism with an internationally recognized aptitude.


Because IBDL certifications:

1. Help you gain knowledge of the international standard in Business Administration Skills (BAS). It is a high-quality, internationally-recognized certification designed, validated, and approved by academic and international experts from all over the world.
2. Are implemented according to strict quality assurance standards.
3. Are suitable for all skills levels - view our certification programs.
4. Are supported by a range of training options and up to date materials.
5. Are taught by certified IBDL Master Trainers.
6. Are taught through interactive classes, research, assignments, projects and reading.

Business Administration Skills (BAS):

The Business Administration Skills (BAS) provide you with knowledge and skills of Finance , Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Management, Leadership, Information Technology ,Corporate Ethics, Social Responsibility , Business and Strategic Planning which are very critical for today's effective management. IBDL participants acquire these skills inside and outside the classroom. Since IBDL programs attract people from very diverse industries and cultures, our program is able to leverage these differences and translate them into learning opportunities.

Internationally Recognized Qualification

In collaboration with McGraw-Hill Higher Education, IBDL developed an integrated set of educational resources including student text books, instructor manuals, student study guides, web-based study guides and test banks.The Instructor's Manual is a road map for studying and teaching each chapter of the learning material.

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