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Sat September 7, 2019
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Welcome Note by the Dean


Welcome to the Institute for Language Studies (ILS)

The Institute for Language Studies is a specialized institution that strives to deliver to the society numerous language services with the Arab Academy high standard. The Institute's academic excellence and top-level performance aim to inspire and influence its surrounding community and provide it with the necessary support toward progress in a challenging global environment.
As part of an increasingly growing academic institution, the Institute provides outstanding educational language learning opportunities, professional translation and editing services and academic linguistic research.
In the ILS, educational programs are characterized by their excellence in catering for the learners' general and specialized linguistic needs in a variety of languages namely, Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. The courses are delivered by well-qualified and highly certified instructors with vast experience in the language teaching field. Course design, development and implementation apply the latest effective practices in language teaching and educational technology.
An efficient team of professional translators and editors helps to fulfill the ILS mission to serve the community and meet its linguistic needs. Distinguished translation and editing services are provided in the above mentioned languages in general and specialized discourse. The Institute also supplies local and national conferences with highly trained and experienced translators and interpreters.
The Institute's academic staff is actively engaged in linguistic research and continuously takes part in the development and dissemination of knowledge in relevant fields. The staff, who are mostly MA and Ph.D. holders, pursue their studies and research in both the Arab and the Western Worlds. Their research contributions range from participating in local, national and international conferences to writing valuable research articles and thesis and presenting other significant publications.
Moreover, in collaboration with Cambridge English Language Assessment (the examination arm of Cambridge University), the Cambridge Testing Centre at the Arab Academy, Miami Campus, will provide you with the world's most valuable range of exams and qualifications for learners and teachers of English to improve their English proficiency levels in addition to preparation courses under the supervision of professional instructors. 
In response to the increasing market demand for highly qualified English language teachers, the ILS offers English Language Teacher Training Certificate (ELTTC) that aims at providing you with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for adult teaching whether in an EFL or ESP context.
Finally, the ILS is honored to launch new postgraduate programs in Applied Linguistics in affiliation with Alexandria University, Faculty of Arts (Institute of Applied Linguistics) in three tracks: Diploma in Applied Linguistics, Masters in Applied Linguistics and PhD in Applied Linguistics.

Institute for Language Studies
Prof. Abeer Refky

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