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Sat September 7, 2019
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The Institute for language Studies (ILS), Alexandria organized The International Maritime English Conference IMEC 22, from October 28 – November 1, 2010, attended by maritime English teachers from all over the world.

Prof. Dr. Naoyuki Takagi, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology - TUMSAT.

IMEC22 Questionnaire Summary


A total of 26 participants responded to the on-line questionnaire that was kindly prepared by Heba Elsayed of Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Marine Transport, who ran, I’m sure many of you remember, two brilliant workshops at IMEC 22. The results, including all the comments, are made available at the IMEC web site (see “Conference News”). Only a brief summary is presented here.

First of all, many respondents expressed their utmost gratitude to Dr. Ghada Hozayen and her dedicated LOC members. Let me quote just one:

I dutifully acknowledge that the high quality assistance provided by the entire battalion of ladies deployed for the conference. Well-dressed, well mannered, empathic, extremely communicative, always ready to fulfill the needs of IMEC 22 attendees.

 Excellent! The Arab Academy and its hierarchy (the Dean and the Head of the Department) must be very proud of them.

Reflecting their hard work, all of the questions concerning the pre-conference organization, the conference content and scheduling, and the general conference arrangements received high average scores exceeding 3 (Excellent = 4, Good = 3, Satisfactory = 2, Poor = 1) except for the two questions about parallel sessions (average score of 2.8) and the standard of accommodations (2.6).

Of those two, the topic of parallel sessions seems to merit further discussion.

 After every IMEC, some people always comment how they wished they could attend every session. However, we only have 3 or 4 days to squeeze in so many valuable, interesting contributions. To solve this problem, at least partially, I suggest introducing a poster session to the next IMEC.

 This would allow participants to go to posters or demonstrations that they find most interesting and talk to the author(s) directly. The overall quality of the contributions was quite satisfactory according to the questionnaire results, but several people commented that they occasionally encountered poor presenters. It was also mentioned that some session chairs were not careful enough in their time management. These issues should be addressed for IMEC 23 in Romania.

To conclude, the questionnaire made it absolutely clear that the IMEC22 participants benefitted from the conference held in the historic city of Alexandria organized by “the Magnificent 13” ladies.


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