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Sat September 7, 2019
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Placement Test




The Cambridge Placement Test, produced by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations(Cambridge ESOL), is an online test. It tests reading and listening comprehension. The test isadaptive, meaning that it gives Candidates questions at a level of difficulty that is determined by their answers to previous questions. The standard version of the test lasts for 30 minutes. At the end of the test, the system generates Test Report Forms showing the Candidates’ results. Test Administrators can configure the system so that Candidates can view and / or print their results as soon as they have finished the test.


The Cambridge Placement test is divided into three sections: vocabulary and grammar, reading comprehension and listening comprehension. The vocabulary and grammar section includes a number of questions in which the student either chooses the correct answer from the choices given or fills in the gaps in the text with words from a list or types a word in the spaces on his own. Thus, spelling is important. The reading comprehension section includes one reading text and candidates have to answer a number of questions based on the information presented in the text. The listening comprehension section is divided into two parts. Part one is short recordings that give information and candidates have to choose the correct answer to a number of various questions based on the information given in the recording. Part two is a long lecture on a particular topic. Candidates listen to the recording and answer six questions without pauses after each question.


In the Cambridge Placement Test, a test is a single unit: if ten Candidates are due to take a test, ten tests are needed. To take a test, a Candidate needs a token, a unique series of eight characters that acts as a key to the Candidate Test website. Candidates receive their tokens from Test Administrators. After candidates enter their given tokens on the website, a page appears in which they have to fill required information about themselves (their name, date of birth, school, number of years they have used English for, gender, title, language of origin, etc). Upon the completion of the required information, candidates can begin the test and receive their results as soon as they are done.

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