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Sat September 7, 2019
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College of Computing & Information Technology


LH 135   ESP I

The course aims at enhancing students’ four language skills, improving their general and technical lexical repertoire and preparing them to communicate their ideas effectively. The course is also designed to train learners to follow the principles and stages of the writing process and write well-structured, unified and coherent academic paragraphs. It also trains them on using listening and reading strategies appropriately as well as relevant grammatical structures.

LH 136   ESP II

The course aims at enabling students to decode technical discourse in English with ease and precision. The course is also designed to enhance students’ oral production by helping them use basic computer terms and relevant general vocabulary meaningfully and accurately. The writing component of the course focuses mainly on writing and summarizing both academic and technical essays as well as writing employment correspondence. Students’ listening skills are also enhanced by training them to listen for gist and specific information and know how to take notes.

NC 233   Speech & Communication Skills

The course aims at equipping students with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to communicate effectively in written and oral business interactions by identifying communication main principles/processes. The course is also designed to enhance students'' ability to give presentations/ informative and persuasive speeches and participate in group discussions.

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