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Sat September 7, 2019
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Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses

Cambridge exams preparation classes help candidates improve their English language level and prepare them for an internationally recognized English language qualification.

 Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses:

• Give a thorough, detailed understanding of the Cambridge Exam structure and teach the best test-taking strategies.
•  Help improve language ability to get the best possible grade in the chosen exam.
• Encourage candidates to practice the English they need to feel confident and prepared to succeed.
• Offer a chance to take practice tests, learn the best techniques and feel confident on test day.
 Both regular and intensive preparation courses are offered.

 How to apply?

Admission is available at the Institute for Language Studies at the Arab Academy for Science, technology and Maritime Transport, Miami Campus, administrative building, 4th floor.
 Candidates are required to fill in Cambridge exams preparation course registration form or to visit Facebook page or Twitter to register online.
 A standard placement test is conducted to make sure candidates are placed in the suitable level. The test lasts for 2 hours and costs 50 pounds.

The Institute for Language Studies provides the perfect environment for study:
• Comfortable, modern classrooms
• Internet access, data projectors. and overhead sound systems in all classrooms
• Lending library where you can borrow study materials to improve your English at home
• Student Common Room with tea and coffee-making facilities


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