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Sat September 7, 2019
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Training Courses

English Language Teacher Training Certificate (ELTTC)


The Institute for Language Studies offers the ELTTC in response to the increasing market demand for highly qualified English language teachers. For many years, the ILS has offered successful English language services, including teaching and training, for AAST staff and students who get the benefit of our distinguished approach to teaching. We now share this experience with all other novice/apprentice teachers with the aim of developing and improving their professional performance. The training meets the needs expressed by many educational institutions for their teachers to have rigorous training in distinctive and updated methodology for English language teaching. The training also aspires to stimulate English language educators to apply the latest modern trends in educational theory and practice.


This certificate is primarily addressed to novice/would-be teachers or those who wish to pursue a career in adult teaching whether in an EFL, ESL or ESP context. However, experienced teachers who would like to brush up on their knowledge of recent teaching techniques and methodology are also welcomed to join the program. The certificate comprises intensive modules that aim at providing trainees with the basic knowledge, specifically teaching methods, strategies and skills, necessary for any language teaching context. It also prepares trainees to deal with the different types of problems they may encounter in their classroom situations. The modules focus on the practical side of teaching and help teacher trainees build self-confidence and put theory into practice.

The Modules

• Teaching Methods (An overview)
• Teaching Speaking
• Teaching Listening
• Teaching Reading
• Teaching Writing
• Teaching Materials Development
• Testing
• Technology & Language Teaching
• Classroom Management


The course covers 72 hours of interactive sessions in 9 weeks (8 hours/week) exclusive of the final session(s) allotted to the trainees'' final examinations and/or presentations to obtain the training certificate degree.


Applicants must:
• hold a Bachelor degree.
• pass the ILS placement test or show proof of an equivalent valid TOEFL IBT or Academic IELTS test results.

 Port Training Institute

These courses constitute a program consisting of six levels. They are designed primarily for learners from the Port Training Institute in four Egyptian ports, namely, Alexandria, Damietta, Port Said, and Suez. The six courses, with their graded levels of difficulty, cater for the learners’ needs to keep abreast of the specialized vocabulary and terminology related to the maritime industry. In addition, these courses enhance participants’ reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills through an integrated approach to language learning.

 Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Foreign Languages
Owing to the distinguished position Arabic has amongst the world''s languages, being the language of great civilizations and a live wide-spreading one, The ILS is keen on teaching Arabic to speakers of foreign languages. It has thus adopted up-to-date techniques in teaching Arabic to enable its use in diverse everyday fields according to proper teaching methodologies. The course gradually guides learners to the Arabic language beginning with the Arabic Alphabet, how letters are written, then moving to words, sentences, and conversations. Teaching methodologies involve ensuring a motivating learning environment that encourages the wide use of Arabic, especially through providing educational programs and eminent courses in the field of teaching Arabic to speakers of foreign languages. 

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