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Sat September 7, 2019
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College of Language and Communication

The College of Language and Communication (CLC) is the first among AAST colleges specializing in humanities, enhancing students’ personality and enriching their cultural perspectives through languages as well as various means of communication. This will promote their academic and artistic abilities, reinforce their cognitive efficiency and open up new career horizons in different fields.

About the College

o Degree offered: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Language and Communication (Majors: Media / Language and Translation)
o Period of study: four academic years (8 terms)
o Study in the first year is general (2 terms) (literature – language skills - translation – mass communication – computer)
o Majoring in either Media or Language and Translation begins in the second year (Term 3)
o There are mandatory courses and a variety of elective courses including Applied Arts, Cinema, Theatre, Psychology, Media Ethics, etc.
o Language of study is English. Arabic language and a second foreign language are also offered as core courses.
o The college offers a dual degree with Autonoma University, Barcelona.

1. Media Department:

Media studies is a discipline that deals with the form, content, history and effects of various media. It is critically engaged with the creative analysis, production and research into traditional and emerging forms of media such as visual, audio, and audiovisual media.

Our program has a significant emphasis on digital media through approaches to its history, theory, technology and their impact upon contemporary life. In addition to classroom settings, students develop their media production skills in the media lab and state-of-the-art studio at the AAST. Main courses include: Public Opinion, Communication Theories, Cinema, Radio & TV Production, Journalism, Multimedia and Web-Designing, Photography, and Public Relations.

2. Language and Translation Department:

Students of this department are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills that qualify them to work in the fields related to language and translation. Major courses are centered around:
• Literature (Novel, Poetry, Drama, American and Comparative Literature)
• Linguistics (Syntax, Lexicology, Pragmatics)
• Translation (Media and Newspaper Translation, Legal Translation, Consecutive Translation, Simultaneous Interpretation, Computer-Assisted Translation ‘CATA’).
Language and translation students also enjoy the privilege of receiving a media minor since they are offered non-core courses such as Radio and TV, Script Writing, Writing for Media, Photography and Media Ethics.

Career opportunities:

The College of Language and Communication qualifies graduates to work in:
• Arab and local satellite channels (news production, TV reporting, news presenting, editing and mixing and documentary film making)
• Newspapers and magazines
• Official organizations and institutions
• Online publishing and multimedia production
• Banks and courts
• Educational and training organizations
• Advertising agencies
• Film making and directing
• Social Media
• Freelancing in the above fields

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