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Mon December 25, 2017
Discussion of Student`s Graduation Projects
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Master of Arts In English Languge & Literature

Invest in your Future, The College of Language and Communication, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AAST), has launched its Academic postgraduate program:
The academic master`s program offers:
1. Master of Arts in English Language and Literature (Academic):
• This Master has two branches:

A. Literature
B. Linguistics and Translation
Students study 10 courses over three terms and then prepare a thesis. Study days are on Fridays and Saturdays.
Program benefits
• The program is fully accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities.
• Eligibility for applying for Ph.D. after successful completion of the master`s program
• A gateway to a more senior level of employment
• Gaining more academic and professional skills than a bachelor`s holder has
• More profound knowledge in the field of specialization
• Full access to College facilities, including Smart classrooms, Simultaneous Interpretation lab, Multimedia lab, RTV Studio & massive online library.

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