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Dean's Word

The sea training institute which was being founded in 1972, STI has prepared women and men for exciting and rewarding careers onboard merchant fleets all over the world. STI is a part of the best Maritime Academies in the region AASTMT.
We insist on motivating our students to thrive by balancing between a unique regimented lifestyle along with training, studying, sailing, working and playing to encourage students and to do them best efforts to reach goals.
Our graduates prepared to be a leading marine officers, engineers, and technical professions regionally and internationally. Additionally, many of our graduates have translated their educational experiences and personal traits which developed at STI into rewarding management careers ashore.
The STI is challenge for you. While more is expected from you in your training onboard the training ship AIDA IV, not only physically but also the regimented personal behaviour, there are uncounted benefits for joining us such like You will graduate with more opportunities for your future than the graduate from an ordinary college because of our structure, leadership training and discipline onboard training ship AIDA IV.
Our goal is to prepare every cadet to be an added value to the Global Maritime Industry.

Capt. Abdel Hamid elkady
Dean of Sea Training Institute

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